Great design will not sell an inferior product, but it will enable a great product to achieve its maximum potential” – Thomas Watson

Even the best product or the best service needs the proper platform to reach its intended consumers. Without proper marketing, even the most innovative of the companies will fail to register qualified leads. We, at XS Productions Worldwide, stand ready to ensure that your product reaches the heights you have always envisioned through different Trade Shows and Exhibition We aim at providing innovative and efficient exhibition solutions across the world and finding ways to make the exhibition industry more sustainable and socially responsible.

Who we are:

Founded in 2000, Xs worldwide (XSWW) aims to reinvent trade shows with a new holistic approach towards exhibition services that are both economically and ecologically viable.

Journey so far …..

Xs worldwide has achieved much a short amount of time. Providing exhibition services to hundreds of clients in over 15 different industries we have been expanding our network for the past 16 years.

Each of our 5 offices now functions as independent units providing region-specific pre, in and post exhibition services to all our international clients.

From going 100% paperless to the highly successful tree plantation drives in India in association with "Give Me Trees" foundation we have successfully pioneered a new Exhibition service model in the Trade show industry that is more environmentally accountable than any other.

What we do:

For the Exhibitor:

Our teams stand ready to construct and execute the ideal Trade show booth that reflects all that your company has worked to achieve. We always aim to design trade show booths that are specific to your needs and that emphasise the product that you want to market to the customers. Drawing from over 15 years of industry experience we are well aware of the different cultural and aesthetic differences that arise in international exhibitions. All out trade show booths are designed keeping in mind the cultural constraints of the exhibition as well as the host country.

From real time trouble shooting to post show design analysis, we provide exhibition services to exhibitors exhibiting in trade shows all over the world. From defence to agribusiness we have successfully helped Exhibitors from diverse businesses to market their products in a focused and impactful manner.We take pride in the fact that 11% of our clients have been able to expand to international markets in part due to our recommendations.

For the Trade Show Industry:

XS Productions Worldwide has been pushing the boundaries of the exhibition industry for the past 15 years. We were the first exhibit design house to implement “Trade Show Troubleshooting” an online platform for the exhibitor to ask for real-time assistance for the duration of the Exhibition.

In 2010, we became the world’s top holistic exhibition service providers specializing in not just Exhibit design and construction but also providing transportation management, display management and post exhibition design analysis to our clients. We keep track of trade shows worldwide identifying upcoming markets for our clients to establish themselves.

The XS Touch:

We try to keep our clients updated throughout the design and the construction phases of the exhibit stand.We only begin to execute once you are satisfied with our design. We will always try to incorporate whatever design changes you suggest and also provide post-construction troubleshooting if the need arises.We are proud of our ability to connect with our clients and maintain that connection even after the trade show is over. We promise to stay with you every step of the way from the start of the Exhibition till the last day of public viewing.

Our wide range of pre, post and in exhibition services are always at your disposal to help you make your mark and stand out among your peers whenever you plan to Exhibit at a Trade Show. For further information, please contact us!


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