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5 Hacks to Gain Expertise in Dubai Exhibiting

Spin the globe and find out the places that are gaining momentum in the years gone by and if you do not have Middle Eastern countries like Dubai and UAE on the count, then think again. The opportunity that UAE is offering these days is beyond leaps and bounds with the growing economic stability and change in the attitudes of people who reside in Dubai. Being tucked between Europe and Asia, this place gains the maximum momentum, with that the growing urbanization and spurring economy has led to increasing in business prospects making it a hub for exhibiting. So here are 5 hacks to be a pro at exhibiting in Dubai:

1. Language Expertise: The official language in Dubai is Arabic, however in the business industry you will find mostly people well-versed with English. However, it is important to take care of the language variations. There are a lot of words that messy conflict with the Arabic use of words. So your choice of words should be wise and well explained.

2. Bridging the Culture Gap: As an exhibitor, you must try to bridge the cultural gap. The usual greeting in Dubai n business scenarios is with usual handshakes. However, a very important point is not to handshake with the woman until initiated by them. They consider this very offensive since their women are very restricted being a male dominated place.

3. Time Utilization: Take some time out and visit Dubai before the exhibition to get familiar with the nearby areas and the culture of there. This will help you drastically in the understanding of regional nuances there and also identify better ways to deal with them. With this, you must also keep in mind that although the decision making in US and other places is steadfast, it might take a lot of time t finalize on different decisions in Dubai.

4. Additional Charges: There is no VAT levied in Dubai making exhibiting there much cheaper as compared to the US. Also, if you want to add music to your exhibit, there is no extra royalty which is required to be paid to the organizers.

5. Specifications:

• Voltage used is 220 Volts.
• No labor unions in Dubai making it cheaper to exhibit.
• Onsite labor is not available.
• Serving alcohol is strcitly prohibited in Dubai exhibitions.
• Business attires are suits and women are advised not to wear short dresses or revealing clothes to sync-in with the culture.

So, now that you know the advantages of exhibiting in Dubai with the basic rules, reach (Link Contact Us) US out for your next exhbition in Dubai as your exhibiting partners.

5 Ideas and Tricks to Compete With Your Trade Show Competition

Aiming at achieving a WOW factor during your exhibition setup is never an ideal goal for the growth of your company and brand. And while you are at it, please know that fighting against your foes in the trade shows and exhibitions become a task of paramount importance since you have a lot to achieve in the minimum of time span and lead ahead as well. A visitor hardly stands and looks at your stand for 15 seconds before deciding to come in further or moving on with his search. So ensure that you utilize those 15 seconds to their optimum power and stay ahead of every competitor.

Spacing: If your budget allows, please try and target a bigger area span in the exhibition. This will make a lot of difference given the fact that that you are already grabbing most of the attention that your competitor might gain with the size of your stand. Along with this, the fact that a bigger area gives you the power to build a better design and explore a better sense of innovation is what will redefine your success.

Theme: Everyone if in the same industry, ought to present the same product in a similar manner so what is the one factor that will make you stand out of the rest? That task is the only one thing which can be achieved by a well-planned and executed thematic design of your exhibit. Ensuring that you have a concept in mind that reflects your product and company in a unique way is only the thing that is going to give you an edge over others.

Brand Propagation: Ensuring that your exhibit propagates your brand and company name in the finest art and conveys your message to the visitor without any personal interaction can be the best advantage. Saying things with digital signage, graphics and posters on your stand is the perfect way to create that distinguished image in the exhibition and further also ensures that you have created brand retention in the minds of the people.

Experiential Marketing: As Al Pacino said, “It is easy to fool the eye but hard to fool the heart” creating a personalized experiential marketing technique for your visitors is the best answer to best competitor tactics. Creating an environment of virtual and augmented reality is one of the perfect examples of experiential marketing. Also, reaching out to your customers and visitors via the mode of social integrations enables experiential marketing: the future of technology to create an impact for you in the exhibition scenario.

Participation: Having all the other factors in your kitty saved, now the only aspect that you can work upon to gain maximum visitor count on your stand is by active participation by the visitors. If you have ensured that you keep ways to engage with your visitors, then you are also ensuring that they recall your brand and understand the value of your product at the same time. Engagement is the core value of retentively; hence, if you have assured visitor engagement and participation you can also be sure about a good ROI on the exhibit.

Trade Exhibition as an Experiential Marketing Model

The trade show is a cost-efficient marketing channel that offers your prospects a very personalized experience with products and services. In brief, it is experiential marketing, as people get to know your offers personally and perceive impression of your services accordingly.

In contrast to the online marketplace, trade show, as an offline marketing model, gives your customers a real-time experience.

Trade show offers your business the competitive advantage over those competitors who otherwise prefer e-marketing channel for branding their products/services. At trade fairs, you get to interact with prospects face-to-face.

The fact is, this face-to-face marketing approach is not like the online marketplace where getting to know the credibility of whom you interact with ‘s hard.

The trade show, as an experiential or face-to-face marketing channel, offers productive opportunities for your business. It is a reliable way to connect your brands with a significant number of prospects or potential leads. The fact that this marketing channel exists since time immemorial is proof that corporate companies worldwide favor and use it to promote their services to numerous business prospects.


Face-to-face marketing is perceived to be the proponent of what you offer as a brand to people or target leads. They get the drift of your brand’s message through this experiential marketing tactic. Therefore, it helps you directly connect with the prospects in a way that the image or perception of your brand that people make of gets delivered positively.

Since trade show is a direct marketing approach, people passing by at your exhibition stand feel connected to your brand. More so, you get your message across easily. If you do it right, there is the sound likelihood of your brand getting noticed at trade shows.

An instant notability is not usually experienced on the Internet marketplace, but with trade exhibition, your brand steals the show. Your brand’s message gets noticed, your goal is understood. If you do it tactfully, there is a fair chance you’d leapfrog competitors in the trade show.

Experiential marketing helps you leave a long lasting impression of your brand, considering people get attracted to your brand personally, and to some extent, emotionally, depending on how you do it. You leave personalized experience that eventually becomes the genesis of a long-term relationship with your prospects, let alone you skillfully manage to improve your brand loyalty. A direct marketing approach of such nature bears positive experience. As a result, your brand emanates ‘relatable’ sense for the audiences.

The experiential marketing manifests the elusive ‘WOW’ factor you wish to convey at the trade exhibition. You build your brand awareness, get leads and build a long-term relationship with customers.